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      Whether you want to design a home theater from scratch or turn an existing room into a theater, we can help. Turning an existing room into home theater is easy with a little planning. We can build the theater around a large flat panel display or an even larger screen and projector combination. Add lighting control and a motorized screen and you can turn any room into your own private movie theater for your family and friends. Imagine with a press of a button the room slowly gets dark, the screen comes down, and your system comes to life.

    Designing the room from scratch will give you the ability to perfectly place all the components. We can use room modeling to ensure that speaker placement, seating, room size and materials can all work together to give you the highest quality experience possible. After the installation we can calibrate the system using some of the best calibrating equipment on the market. This helps to reproduce the most natural audio and video possible. The combination of a solid room design, high quality components, and ideal placement and calibration can give you the theater your dreaming about.

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Home Theaters

There are a wide range of theater options to fit your needs. Let us design and build a dream theater for you, or retrofit your existing room by adding speakers, projector, and a screen. With today's technology you can rival the quality of a commercial movie theater. For the purists, we also offer full audio/video calibrations using top of the line Sencore testing equipment. Contact New Wave for a consultation.

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