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      One of the reasons to install your LCD or plasma on the wall is to reduce the amount of clutter surrounding your entertainment area. All wires disappear by concealing them in the walls. To continue with this clean look, there are many speaker options that can compliment your flat panel. To make the speakers completely disappear you can go with in-wall speakers that can be painted to match the decor. To increase the sound quality there are many slim on-wall speakers that can be mounted around your tv.

     One of the biggest sources of clutter are all of the components used to run the system. You can avoid seeing the components and wiring by installing the gear behind closed doors. This could be in a piece of furniture, a closet, shelves in the basement, or another room. We carry universal remotes that have radio frequency (RF) control. The RF contol gives you the freedom to control the gear through doors and walls. No need to aim the remote at anything.

     With a wide range of mounts you can install your LCD/plasma television on practially any surface. Options include walls made of brick, stone, block, drywall, or plaster.

                                              Contact New Wave to discuss your installation options.

LCD/Plasma Installations

We can mount your TV in a wide range of locations, from basic drywall/plaster walls to brick/stone fireplaces. All TVs are hung with quality fixed, tilt, or swing arm mounts. Customize the installation further by hiding your gear behind doors or in a closet using radio frequency remotes. Contact New Wave to discuss your installation options.

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