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      Your outdoor space can be one of the most used areas at your home. Alot of time is put into creating an environment where you can not only sit back, relax and unwind, but also entertain. It is an area where your family and friends can spend time together. Including music to this area can add enjoyment to the experience. The idea is getting music to this area without making the equipment the focal point. Placement and type of speakers is important in keeping the outdoor environment visually appealing, while giving you the pleasure of listening to music.

     There are many different speaker options for outdoor entertainment. We can install basic weather resistant speakers under the sophet of the roof that can blend into the wall. There are a variety of rock or small satellite speakers that can disappear into your landscaping and fill your area with music. Other options include planter style speakers or even custom made flower boxes built by New Wave that can transform your patio or deck. All of these options allow you to create an area for relaxing or hosting parties. Control of your outdoor area is easy with basic outdoor volume knobs or RF remote controls.

                                              Contact New Wave to discuss the right option for you.

Outdoor entertainment

Music can be enjoyed in a variety of outdoor locations including; patios, decks, gardens, gazebos, or wherever you desire. There are many options for weather resistant outdoor speakers from rock and planters to standard outdoor speakers. Outdoor entertainment systems can be controlled with basic volume knobs or a wide range of wireless solutions. Contact New Wave to discuss the right option for you.

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