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      We can't stress how important it is to pre-wire your home for audio, video, and networking capabilities. Even if your not quite sure what your going to do initially, there is alot of basic wiring you can run that will give you flexibility to add technology in the future. As more home systems integrate together it becomes important to have the control wires in place so that all your systems will work together in the future.

     One of the first things you should think about is a centrally located area that all the wires can run to. This way you can keep all the components that run your house hidden away. Many times this location is a closet or the basement. Next you can run speaker wires to each of the rooms you could potentially have audio in. These wires can stay hidden in the walls or ceiling for later if your unsure about using this area.

     After speakers, next would be running wires for video locations. These locations should have hdmi cables or cat5/cat6 cable which can used for video and audio. The cat5/cat6 wires prepare you for any future changes in technology. Past examples of technology change (composite video- s video- component video - hdmi -??) Any new technology should be able to run over these cables.

     Last would be to ensure that network lines are in all locations they need to be. This insures easy wired connections to access your computer network. This is important since most of your media sources are now originating from your computer.
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An important step that is often overlooked during building or renovating your house is pre-wiring it for future audio/video equipment. Running wires through open walls saves on labor and materials which can cut costs by 50% or more. Pre-wiring adds value to your home because it allows you or future owners to easily add equipment as needed. Contact New Wave early on in your project.

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