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     Having audio throughout your house can be done easily today with most receivers by utilizing their zone 2 capabilities. This zone 2 output can be used to run a pair of speakers out on a deck/patio, an excersize room, kitchen, or any other room you want music. Not only will you have audio in a second zone, but you can also play something different in the main zone. This way you can still watch TV in your living room while listening to an ipod, cd player, or am/fm in a second area. To expand on this system you can add an amplifier to run speakers in many more rooms. For control of this system you can use volume knobs in each of the rooms, keypads, or a universal remote with RF capabilities. With the RF remote you could sit outside and control the system without getting up.

     If you want more contol you could add a home automation system. Home automation allows for complete control of your home and many of the other sytems. These systems give you the ability to have differnt audio/video sources in any room. You could have an ipod, cd player, am/fm, or computer playing in different rooms throughout the house along with cable playing in your main area. Not only can you have audio/video control, but also the ability to control and monitor your lights, heating/air conditioning, and security. All this can be controlled from your tv screen, phone, iPad, or touch panel. While traveling, you can also have remote access to these systems, giving you complete control.

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Whole House Audio/Video

Audio and video should not be limited to just your living room. Today most receivers offer multizone output. This allows you to watch/listen to one thing in your living room, and something completely different throughout the house. For even more flexibility add a control system that will allow different sources in all rooms. These systems can be controlled by volume knobs, wireless remotes, keypads, or touchpanels. 

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